ROTEM’S Platinum Plus Environmental controller sets new standards in the poultry industry. The large LCD display makes it absolutely user friends and easy to use. The Platinum Plus contains two program selections: one is the industry standard “Staged Ventilation” and the other is ROTEM’s Advanced Dynamic Ventilation. The Platinum Plus is suitable for growers who are seeking First Class controller with minimum programming and/or growers who would like to be involved in every program detail. The Platinum Plus takes into consideration the Wind Chill factor, fan air capacity, Minimum Ventilation according to bird weight, and temperature differential between the two ends of the house in tunnel ventilation. The Platinum Plus is always there to help the grower make the right decision in real time. The Platinum Plus can handle Power, Natural and Tunnel ventilation in the most optimal way.


  • Large LCD Graphic Display, 40 x 16 characters
  • Large Numeric Keypad
  • Heavy Duty Replays (1 HP)
  • On/Off/Auto Override Switches
  • Coordinated Digital/Analog Static Pressure Control
  • Eight Independence Heat Zones
  • Fogger and Cool Cell Cooling Systems
  • Feed Management with Overflow Alarm and Shutoff
  • On Screen Help and Graphs
  • Data Plug for Easy Data Transfer
  • Detailed Alarm and Events log
    • Complete Remote Communications
    • Real Time Visual Outlook
    • Gateway for Internet Access


We sell the platinum plus.
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